Earn money with Google Adsense

Hi it's been a couple of days i did not update this blog. Today i'm going to share with you how to earn money from Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the famous Google Product for webmaster an Blogger. I've joined this program a few years ago. Praise be to God. It work pretty well for me. Google Inc offer you to promote their ads (image or text) and share their profit with you. Webmaster will earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their site. It's better than Bidvertiser, Nuffnang, Adverlets and any other network.

Firstly if you want to join this program, all you have to do is get your own blog or website. You can start either get your own domain name and hosting or register free Blog like blogspot. Once you've done with this step your site has to have rich content before anything else. Put some useful content on your site before you want to register in Google Adsense Program. Based on my experience, if you want to register your site/blog with Google Adsense.

Your content must be in English. If you're using Malaysian languages they (Google Adsense Support) may reject your site.

You cannot copy and paste others content and put link on your site. For example you copy and paste some content from wikipedia. After that giving credit to related url. Google will reject your site and inform you to change your content. My advice is easy, make your site unique and post at least 2 post before you want to join Google Adsense Programm.

The main key to earn money from Adsense, even while you sleep is you need traffic to your site. Traffic mean visitor. If you had more visitor mean you get more money. Also, it takes a lot of traffic and a lot of time to start generating any income with Google Adsense. I highly recommend you to join Google Adsense Program.
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