Learn php and mysql easily

I want to learn php and mysql from basic so anybody can tell me that where i can learn it. Learn basics from google or any site out there. As for web development php and mysql is very essential part. you can also learn ASP.NET etc in liew of php. But for basics in php and mysql www.w3schools.com is very handy site. so check it out.

W3Schools is easy to learn. It really good for learning, building, testing, and training. Many of tutorial and examples might be good simplified to improve reading simple concept and basic understanding.
All the tutorial, references, code and examples are constantly reviewed regularly to avoid errors, but this site itself cannot warrant full correctness of all content. So check regularly. Learn basic php and mysql from internet is much more better than you bought dvd or video about php/mysq from anyone out there. Learn basics from google before handing out your money to someone else. =D.
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