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Hope you're doing well and full of spirit, Graphics, such as pictures, banner, videos, audio files, and similar objects slow a site down. To get a site to load quicker, the first thing should be to eliminate an abundance of these things. A few are okay, but don't over do it. Visitor don't want to wait more than a few seconds for your site to load. They will keep it moving. The best way to make your site load faster depends on how you use your external files/folders, like css, javascript and image files. Following are the steps you may follow to make your webpage load faster. For your information it using cordinat x and y.

  • Use the CSS before javascript, if you have more than 1 css or javascript compress them in to one.
  • Do not use space between coding lines, both in CSS and HTML.
  • Make use of CSS sprite for images, you can put all the images in to one  same directory and make it a single image and use it. 
  • Most of the famous sites use sprite to make their site load fast. (yahoo, Bing, Google, Ask)
I'm sorry because i didn't have any picture and tutorial about css sprite. I'm going to update my site and make new research about css sprite.
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