Post twitter button on your site

You can add a follow button or link to twitter on your website if you have a twitter account. On Twitter the messages you make are fairly short, limited to 140 characters, so you need to be concise. You can put a link to one site in your profile and will show on your page. The big step is getting followers, I have few right now. To do increase that invite friends you know, follow others, they will probably follow you back, if they don't drop after about a week and replace with others. Don't spam your link constantly, add valuable content like news stories put in links to these, or just update what you are doing at the moment. Lots of tools and apps that can help you, my favorite is Hoot Suite. If you want to promote your blog with twitter. Use Networked Blog. It will auto post few info about your site and keep it short even when you sleep.
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