Why you should conquer Search Engine

Search engine is one of the most famous place to get visitor from internet. This is to place where all people all around the world search any information they seek. New website owner especially new webmaster should conquer this kind of resources. Search engine has become very huge potential place to get traffic from internet.

Before you want to start this steps. You should consider to do SEO practice on your website. Header Title, content, images, files and website structure is important element if you want to get rank well on search engine.

Nowadays, Search Engine makes new guidelines on their is term on web ranking and positioning on SERP. Page Load is the latest rule if you want to get better rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). If you want to check your website load.
I recommend you to use pingdom tools.


Submit your site hence you will get result within few second. You can see either your site is slower or fastest than other site tested on their server. You also can check any files which make your site slower than normal website.
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